Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Blooms!

How pretty are these!  Wrap a flowering bulb or a chocolate truffle  for a table favor. about making a few of these as little gifts for friends letting them know just how much you cherish their friendship. These are made with tissue paper which can be purchased inexpensively at a dollar store.  Print out a tag on your computer, tie with satin ribbon and voila!  A simple way to say you care.  Instructions and template are available free at

In The Word-Contentment vs. Complaining

Phillipians 2:14
"Do all things without complaining or arguing."

How difficult is that?  Do you ever wonder just how much we tend to complain and argue?  My husband and I were discussing this, and he (quite shockingly) said to me, "I don't think you realize how much you DO complain."  So we placed our "hen bank" in the middle of our dining table and every time either of us complained, we had to place a quarter in the bank.  It was so surprising how quickly we "fattened the hen." This little experiment certainly did make us more aware of and ashamed at just how ungrateful we can be.

Let's ask the Lord to help us to bring our heaped-up concerns and dump them on Him.  And then, ask Him to forgive us for our grumbling, whining, complaining, groaning, griping, muttering spirit.  How grateful we should be for His patience with us.  Truly if all we have is Jesus, we have all that we need! 

From Corrie ten Boon...
"We mutter, we sputter,
We fume and we spurt,
We mumble and grumble--
our feelings get hurt.
We can't understand things,
Our vision gets dim,
When all that we need--
Is a moment with HIM.

Thank you Lord, that we may, that we must, pray!

How Grand are Grandchildren!

Grandma isn't the only gal who thinks SMQ is a handsome boy!

What to Cook??

The most arduous part of cooking a meal is the meal planning.  What veggies to team with meat, etc?  I decided to make menu cards using my Print Master program using an index card template.  I listed my menu items and then added the pics (we eat with our eyes first).  After printing, I hole punched them in the corner and added them to a ring.  As I plan my menus for each month, I select the menus I like and make my grocery list from those.  This also helps me to rotate meals on a monthly basis.  I will attempt to give you some more menu planning ideas each month. 

Springtime in the Desert

Moving from Central New York to Southern Arizona nearly eight years ago, I thought I would truly miss my lovely perennial gardens. This spring, after the one of the coldest winters ever, Arizona surpised me with the most amazing comeback ever.  The color was spectacular!  Having broken toes on both feet, I indulged myself by sitting on the patio and taking in God's glorious creation.
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