Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Available: Cornish Family History & Genealogy


Technology is amazing!  I can remember researching years ago from this book at the Syracuse, NY library in their genealogy department.  It was locked up in a designated area of the library and I had to continually keep asking for it to make notes.  Now it is available online at the link below.  Just click on link and enjoy! 
 Our family pages are:
First Generation, Family 1, James Cornish, Page 6
2nd Generation, Family 3, James Cornish (Deacon) #2, Page 8
3rd Generation, Family 7, Jabez Cornish (Lieutenant) #15, Page 14
4th Generation, Family 16, Jabez Cornish #44, Page 24
5th Generation, Family 41, James Cornish #110, Page 50
6th Generation, Family 99, Hiram Cornish Sr. #297, Page 89
 7th Generation, Family 157,  Dier Cornish #582, Family 157 on  page 114;
8th Generation, Family 188, Ora Dewitt #782, Family 188 on page 124.

Mildred Elizabeth (#862) born August 28, 1903 is the only one listed as this book was printed in 1907.
  Esther was born in August 17, 1907;  Robert Lewis was born June 02, 1909; Marjorie Lewis was born August 31, 1913; and Richard Paul (Arthur) was born June 4, 1917.
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