Friday, May 6, 2011

Children - Handle With Love (A Mother's Day Reflection)

How do we impart love to our children?   They may want toys, games, clothes, or latest techo gadget, but what do they really NEED.    They need to see and feel our love.  I hope that you will agree with me that the following ten ingredients are a good way to say "I love you."
  1. Love them by establishing boundaries.  Be the mean old mom and give them rules to live by.
  2. Love them by enjoying them.  Do fun things with them.
  3. Love them by showing our human-ness to them.  Let them know that we make mistakes.  Apologize and ask for their forgivness when we need to.   Be real, show your emotions...happy, sad, sorrow, etc.
  4. Love them by explaining our reasons for the decisions we make.  Not because "We said so."
  5. Love them by exchanging ideas with them.  Let them know their opinion counts.  Don't be closed-minded.
  6. Love them by encouraging them.  Be their greatest fan.  Often because of negative peer pressure, they fail to see their own potential.
  7. Love them by expanding their horizons.  Not just exposure to the arts, music, travel, etc., but also directing them toward a vision in life using the gifts and talents they have been given.
  8. Love them by expressing physically what is in our hearts.  Give them lots of hugs and kisses.
  9. Love them by examining our own lives regularly.  Love our spouses and keep our lives clean before the Lord. 
  10. Love them by exercising great patience with them. 
Our children grow up way too fast and we have such little time in life to influence them and mold them into men and women of God.  May God help us!
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