Monday, May 9, 2011

How A Pasty Should Be Et----

Well, you take 'n h'out of the h'oven with lovin' care.  Pick 'n up in both 'ands.  Start from the corner and work in.  'Tissn't nawthin' to 'oller 'bout until you get 'bout alf way or more.  That good old juice is layin' there, restin' comfortable in its bed of taters, h'onions and meat.  It's waitin' there to run all over your face, behind your ears and in your 'air--if 'n you got any.  It gets better with every bite until it runs down your shirt.  It's 'ot 'n full of meat 'n taters--right down to the last bite.  And that is eatin' a great pasty as it should be et.  (Taken from "The Kiddlywink",  A Worldwide Newsletter Dedicated to the Cornish Family)
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