Sunday, July 31, 2011

Devotions - Discouragement

Are the Raindrops of Discouragement Dampening Your Spirit?

   Someone announed that the devil's tools were all for sale.  An exhibition opened.  The tools created to make people sin were displayed for all to see:  hatred, envy, jealousy, and lust.
   But one was set aside, a small, well-worn, harmless looking wedge.  "What about that one?" someone asked.
   "Oh, that one's not for sale," said the devil. "It's priceless."
   "It's my best weapon for destruction."
   "What is it?"
   The devil smiled shyly and replied, "Discouragement."

When you get discouraged, be encouraged by this:  You aren't alone.  Many people, including Godly people like Elijah and David, have suffered from deep discouragement. 

  •  Remember, that God IS with you.  When Satan breaks out his deadly tools, you break open the  Book! 
  • Submit to God's will, even when it hurts.  Trust Him to bring you through your sorrows. 
  • Don't give up!  The power of God's Word can give us courage:  "Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope.  My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life."  Psalm 119:49-50
  • Take a few minutes to write down 2 or 3 good things that might come out of this time of discouragement.  Lay your circumstances out before the Lord in prayer, and ask Him to use them for good.    While discourgement says, "I can't! faith says, "HE can!"
  • Share your burdens with a trusted friend who will be willing to listen and to come along side  and encourage you. 

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