Sunday, August 7, 2011

Daily Devotions - Devo Notebook Pages

   This is a sheet that I use for my daily devotions.  I print it on both sides and then cut in half and use a three hole punch to insert into my "Living My Faith" notebook.
    I like to start off my devotional time by praising and thanking God.  Then I jot down my priorities for the day.   This helps to clear my mind of the things that need to be done so that I might not be distracted from hearing what God has to say to me. 
    I use "In Touch Magagine" to read the Word and then summarize what the Word says and how I might apply it to my life.  Often I include a prayer to God asking for His help in being a doer of His Word. 
    I ask God for provisions for family, friends, sunday school students, ministry leaders, missionaries, government leaders, etc.  I list those who are ill and hospitalized. 
    I pray for those who are in need of their relationships to be mended and restored.
    I pray for those who are traveling and in need of protection (especially children & grandchildren).
    I end my devotional time by writing down the events of yesterday, being thankful for how the Lord has lead me through that day.  It is also a good check on how I am spending my time. 

I pray that this will be a helpful tool or you to use in setting aside a quiet time to spend with God and in reflection of how He is working in your life. 

Devotional Notebook Pages
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