Friday, August 5, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday

Fabulous NY Finds

While in New York last month we stopped at an Amish Country Store in Vernon, NY and found these great finds:
  •  Homemade sugar free jams--Rhubard-Strawberry and Black Raspberry.
  •  Some Coconut flour for gluten free baking. 
  • A great Gluten-free cookbook.  Recipes look wonderful.  Can't wait to use this.
  • Golden flax seeds.  Great for recipes and to add to breakfast cereal.  So healthy!
  • NY State Fair speedie sauce.  Nothing better.  I have some great sirloin in the freezer I am waiting to marinade for beef spedies. 
  • Wanted to bring back some Red Pepper Relish, but no room.  We tried it at a friends house and it was so delicious.  I did try to find it in Arizona, but could not find.  So I made my own yesterday, and my hubby says, "It's really good!"   The recipe is below...I was guessing...but it came out pretty tasty. 
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