Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

26.   Sundays, a day set apart to worship our God, and fellowship with like-minded Christians, to have
        the freedom and the privilege to worship at a church of our choosing. 
27.   Church leadership (pastors, deacons, teachers) that inspire, encourage, teach, and lead us in being
         all that we can be for Christ. 
28.   My huband and the wonderful oneness that we have in Jesus Christ.  I so enjoy his presence. 
        We do share great times together.  After knowing each other for over 50 years, we still remain
         best friends. 
29.   Folks who minister to us and make our lives easier.  I think of the two lovely ladies who watched
        our home and dog while we were vacationing in New York.  It was the first worry-free vacation
        we have had knowing someone was taking care of our home and loving our dog.  They did such a
        tremendous job.  If you would like to use their services (we felt like it was a ministry), we would
        highly recommend them.  I will post their business card for you who are in our area. 
30.   Thinking of dogs, we are so grateful for little Ivygirl (Crescent Miss Ivy), our 11 year old
        Brittany Spaniel.   We have loved her from the day we got her.  Gentle, protecting, loving,
        playful, spirited, and sassy at times...that's our girl!  She has been a wonderful companion over
        these many years. 

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