Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures - Mom's Trunk & Quilt

I can remember as a little girl just being fascinated with this old trunk.  What a treat it was for me when mom would open this trunk (somewhat of a Treasure Trunk for me) and would let me look at all the treasures inside.  It held old quilts, bibles, old family photo albums, a porcelain doll, carved wooden toys made by my dad, a flag representing my oldest brother's service in the armed forces, and a jar of valentine candy preserved in a tightly sealed canning jar (that will be another Tuesday Treasure to show you).  I especially loved this yo-yo quilt made by my mother when she was a young lady.  It was most likely one of her first made quilts, and we approximate the date to be around 1924.  The fabrics and colors are so beautiful.  It remains still in pretty good shape with just a few of the yo-yo's centers unraveling here and there.  My dear mother, who passed on in 1995, was a treasure of a woman who so loved her 12 children, enjoyed homemaking,  and made each day for each of her children a celebration.  She indeed was a Proverbs 31 woman.  We rise up and call her blessed. 

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