Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lupus Flare Recovery Plan -What's On My Heart

I have been wondering for a couple of weeks if I should write this post because I am a keep-it-quiet, tough-it-out kinda of person who would rather not share my ills.  But, as I have been suffering through this current Lupus flare, I thought I might start a new page on my blog sharing some of my experiences with dealing with this autoimmune disease.  Perhaps I could be of some help and encouragement to others who suffer along with me, or perhaps there are other blogggers out there that can do the same for me.   If you are a Lupus sufferer, or know of someone who is, please let them know about my new "Lupus" page with its upcoming experiencial and informative posts. 

My Today's Get Well Helps:

1)  Eat healthfully - raw veggies, gluten-free nut crackers, low-fat cheese, protein-rich chicken salad in
      tomato cup.  Green tea laced with nutrient, antioxidant, electrolyte-rich Tangerine Vitamin C
      powder.  Vitamin C helps to lower CRP, C reactive protein..,a protein that builds up in your blood
      only when there's  inflammation somewhere in your body.  Mine has been rather high...I think I    
      well knew that!  Your doctor may order a CRP test to monitor these conditions:
  • Your heart attack or coronary artery disease risk
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Some forms of arthritis
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Lupus
2)  Policosanol -  My Internist informed me today that 20 mg. of policosanol (a natural remedy) or an
     asprin a day will lower CRP.  I opted for policosanol as I am allergic to aspirin.  It will be
     interesting to see how this works.  It is also great natural way to lower cholesterol (I need help
     there also.)

4)  Vitamins and herbs - A good multi-vitamin, D3, fish oil, etc.  I will post more on the benefits and
      research on these later. 

5)  Focus on others - I plan to mail my grandchildren a little love box with special notes, and maybe a
     little spending money.  They love getting packages in the mail!  Lifts my spirits just thinking about
     how happy they will be to open the box! 

6)  Surround myself with uplifting things -  smelling a warm autumn-scented candle and listening to
     wonderful Christian Piano music from Pandora Radio. 

7)  Rest - The most difficult thing for me to do!  I want to be functioning and  productive.  But I know
     that God orders my rests as well a my busy, productive times.  I am trying to learn to appreciate
    these slower, restorative times also.  The only downside to this is that I often have to un-commit to
    something that I have committed myself to and heed the physician's advise to rest.  I am learning to
    choose my commitments wisely.

8)  Pray - When in extreme pain, pray...pray like crazy.  God hears our cries for help.  He loves and
     cares for us.  2 Peter 5:7 "Casting your cares on Him, because he cares for you." 

         He often answers with great physicians who help ease our pain and head us in the direction of
     health. I am blessed with a wonderful, caring, listening, knowledgeable physician. 
         He often answers using a spouse who lovingly helps with the household cores, meal
     preparation, drives to doctor's office and pharmacy.  I am blessed with a loving, caring husband.
         He often answers with encouraging words, calls and cards from loved ones and friends.  I am
     blessed with many caring, helpful, loving friends and family. 
         He often answers with an amazing aware pup, Ivy, who has not left my side for days.  Even
     when the bedroom door has been shut, my husband says she lays by the door waiting to be at
     my side.

I am learning from my "Winter Experience...that
when life blows it coldest chill, that's when hope grows its strongest."
Hoping for better days ahead! 

Joining Shanda for "On Your Heart"  Tuesdays (Okay, so I am day late!)
Joining Trish for LACE Wednesdays  (Right on time!)
Have a Blessed Day,   
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