Monday, November 14, 2011

Cooking Day with Rae!

A day with Rae started with her birthday gift,  the American Girl Cooking Studio.  
As we sat perusing her new cookbook, we started plotting our cooking day get-together.

And the day finally arrived!  Mr. C. ran to the door shouting, "She's here, she's here!" 
 I guess I am not the only one overjoyed to have her arriving!
 They do have a rather special relationship.  

Let's Begin!

We were off to a great start with menu planning and the timing of the meal.  Rae couldn't help
doing a little sketching on the menu planning sheet.  She wanted us to see her best artwork
and so she phoned  her Dad to bring her sketchbook when they came for dinner.
 We were very impressed with her fine artwork!
Our Menu
Tossed Salad, Grilled Chicken, Twice-baked Potatoes, Green Beans
Autumn Cupcakes, Mixed Berry Crisp, Ice Cream
Water, Tea, Soda

    We started with dessert first icing and decorating autumn cupcakes.
We found these great wrappers online when we google-searched cupcake wrappers.
They have a pretty interesting selection of cupcake wrappers online.

On to the Twice-Baked Potatoes..these bakers were extremely large!  

And now for the Tossed Salad, make-your-own style.  

Table Setting

Clean-up!  Rae actually likes doing the dishes!  
After the work was done, we took some time to games, scoop ball,  and a walk with the dog.  We did have such a special day together!  Friendships are one of God's riches blessings here on earth!  

Dear Mrs. C!
Thank you for the lots of fun we had yesterday. It was so much fun!  Say hi and thank you to Mr. C! That was fun playing the games on the computer, and the ball catcher thing. And of course it was fun to be just with you, Mr. C, and Ivy! I miss you!
Love, RaeAnna

Hi RaeAnna,
I am so glad that we finally got to spend some time together yesterday.  It was just great being able to have you with us for the day.  I had such a great time cooking and playing games with you.  You are a delightful young lady.  It was also great being able to have some time together with your whole family.  We rather like having them all to ourselves once in a while.  The whole day and evening was so enjoyable!
Love you dearly,   Mrs. C.  (Mr. C. and Ivster)

Dear Mrs. C.
I'm glad we could finally spend time together too. I loved everything about it. My mom said she enjoyed the night off of cooking! I miss you! Hope to see you soon!
Love you lots, RaeAnna



 Growing Home  

Have a Blessed Day,

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