Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New York Pumpkin - Tabletop Tuesday

I saw this Butterfly Brand Pumpkin Label over at The Graphic Fairy and just knew that I must use this canning label in my Autumn Decorating  (find graphic here.)  This company is very close to where we used to live in Oneida, New York, so I thought I might do a little research to see if this company was still existent. 

The G.J. Olney company traces it's roots back to the 1880's when G.B. Olney and C.F. Floyd started a vegetable canning plant in Westernville, NY. In 1909 George J. Olney, son of G.B. Olney began experimenting with his ideas for better processing machinery for the canning factory.   And yes, the Olneys still are in business, not canning vegetables, but manufacturing canning machinery.

  G.J. Olney, Inc. P.O. Box 280, 9057 Dopp Hill Road, Westernville, NY  13486\

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