Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Whatever He says, do it!

     Wonderful Counselor

    The group of couplets in Isaiah  9:6 begins with the names of Jesus given to Him by His Father in Heaven before His Birth.  God starts with the name, Wonderful Counselor.   Pele meaning, miraculous, beyond our understanding,  and Counselor meaning, to advise, to consult, to guide.  Jesus, the only One who can advise and guide us in ways beyond our own understanding.

    Counseling is more than just imparting knowledge for we know that knowledge for knowledge sakes puffs up (1 Cor. 8:1.).    It leads to a big head verses a broken, burning heart.  We are to be not just hearers, but also to be doers of the Word of God (James 1:22-24.)  As in the Sema (which means “hearing”) of Deuteronomy 6, we are to listen and be careful to do…to know the Word of God, to memorize it, to do it, to teach it so that it penetrates our hearts, minds, and wills in all aspects of our lives.  The wisdom of Jesus counsel applied to our lives is nothing short of miraculous

    1.  Be brutally honest with the Counselor. We need to be honest and upfront, confessing our weaknesses.  Understand that nothing is hidden from God and that He can see right through us.   We see only a portion, but God sees everything.  Let Him get to the root of the problem. 
    2. Learn to hear the voice of the Counselor.  Hear HIM!  We must take time out our busy schedules to tune in to God’s voice.  Does He have our attention?  What would we think of a human counselor who would allow us only 5 minutes of his time?  We would most likely not get much counseling in, would we?  And yet, that is the amount of time we are willing to give the “Wonderful Counselor.”  Let’s be Marys instead of Marthas, too busy serving self and others to sit at the feet of Jesus.  Jesus wants our devotion to come before our service. 
    3. Make use of earthly counselors that are Godly.   Embrace the wisdom of God-given pastors and friends that are willing to counsel you with the WORD and who will speak the truth to you in love.  Others can often be more objective, factual and can have more understanding while we tend to be more emotional or are looking for the easy way out.  
    4. Do what the Counselor says.  Hear and obey even when it doesn’t make sense.   We must embrace His wisdom for our lives.  Getting out our exercise equipment and looking at it is not embracing fitness.  It is when we consistently use it that it pays benefits.  May we do the same with the Lord's wise counsel that we might embrace "fit" living.   We need to heed the advise of Jesus’ mother, Mary, when she said to the servants at the wedding at Cana, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”  John 2:5  Yes, when the wisdom of the counsel of Jesus is applied, miracles take place! 
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