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Simply Sweet - Fruit-Filled Blessings!

Fruit-filled Blessings!

It's grapefruit producing time here in Arizona, and we were blessed to have friends unload their bumper crop on our church family.  Our church foyer was just loaded with citrus for the taking.  Thought you might enjoy knowing some of the health benefits of Grapefruit.

Grapefruit have amazing benefits!   They will control your hunger and allow your body to use the carbohydrates you eat more efficiently.

Key Benefits

1- Half a grapefruit has over 100mg of fresh Vitamin C in a form your body will appreciate unlike the pill forms, this makes them an ideal breakfast fruit and they are available year round unlike oranges so they can be a staple of your diet.
2- Grapefruits also help dissolve in-organic calcium that may have developed around your joints this is thanks to their organic salicylic acid. So they are great if you have any joint pain or arthritis…
3- Powerful Liver Tonic, Awesome for the mornings after you partied too hard…
4- They Aid in the Digestion of food, this is thanks to the acidic properties they have. As mentioned earlier I usually will have half a grapefruit after a big meal I find its one of the best digestives going….
5- Grapefruits are rich in lycopene (the red color/pigment) and Limonoids, it helps to prevent to occurrence of tumors and cancer. These two compounds are hard to find in other fruits and vegtables but appear in abundance in grapefruits.
6- They contain a Flavonoid called Naringin which grapefruits are full of, and gives them their bitter taste. Although it can also be found in other citrus fruits none contain such high levels.
It seems that Naringin works in a few ways to help:
      1.   Stimulates the Liver
       2.  Improves Insulin Sensitivity
       3.  Helps to Metabolise Fat
The bitter taste that Naringin provides stimulates the liver to produce fat burning enzymes that would normally only be produced via prolonged fasting.  Now while fasting is a good approach for some others may not be too keen on the idea, what is for sure though is that the effects of fasting do trigger some kind of express fat loss and improved glucose tolerance.
… What more could we ask for??  Enjoy your grapefruit!  I love them topped with agave nectar (or brown sugar) and broiled in the oven for a breakfast eyeopener!  
Caution:  Be warned, those taking pharmaceutical medications please beware of eating grapefruit as it has many drug interactions.  Grapefruit is best partaken by those free of medication or check with your doctor.
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