Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for:

86.  My dearest friend, Linda, who called me on last Saturday morning to go to Ikea to see my favorite
       designer, Stephen Saint-Onge.  I was planning on not going as I was not feeling up to par and felt I
       should not make the trip alone.  To my great surprise, she said, "Do you want to go to Ikea today?" I
       didn't even know that she was aware that I wanted to go. She had checked out my blogpost earlier in the
       week and knew just how much I wanted to be there.  What a friend!  What a day!  Can't think of anyone
       that I would rather spend a Saturday with than...Stephen Saint-Onge and especially my dearest friend,
       Linda!  How I appreciate and love this woman!

87. Designer Dad, Stephen Saint-Onge.  How delightful it was to meet him at Ikea
      in Tempe, AZ.  Can I tell you that he was so inspiring!   His presentation on
      "Steps to an Attainable Family-Friendly Living Room Makeover" was
      fabulous!  Not only did we receive a signed copy of his new book, "No Place
      Like Home", but also a lovely gift bag from Ikea  loaded  with goodies!  Linda
      and I were so inspired that we started picking paint colors for our rooms  
      (she's already hired the painter.)  I did some much needed uncluttering and

88.  Our Monday morning Ladies' Bible Study.  We have just finished up with
        "Growing Through Crisis" by Martha Tyler.  It has been a very problematic
        year for us, and how we needed God's insights for this time in our lives.
        Loved the reminder to, "Gaze at God glance at your problems."
        He IS the answer to all our fears and problems! Bottom line...Pray and Press On!  

89.   Laughter. I love to laugh!   How fun it is when we gather with friends and have a session of good ole
        belly laughs.  It does lighten the spirit and is such good medicine!

90.  Pinterest, a most wonderful creative play space.  Okay, I admit I am an Pinterest addict!  Ideas, ideas, mind is exploding!  Check out my creative play space--just click the Pinterest button below:

Undeserving Grace  

Have a Creative Day,
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