Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for:

91.  The first wildflower bloom here in the desert.  These desert flowers reseed and there are hundreds of 
       them popping up everywhere in our backyard.  They started with just a few plants from a friend, and I 
       am amazed how they have populated over the past several years.  

92.  Days to kick back and relax.  To sit a spell on the back patio and to have hot tea and biscotti.  It was a 
       most delightfully warm afternoon for me and my hubby to do just that.  

93.  Music.  I just love Pandora Radio.  Right now I am listening to Emile Pandolli's "Time to Say Goodbye" 
       from the" believe" relaxing and wonderful! 

94.  Being able to fill in for another leader in our church Trek Club (Middle-school Awana Club).  It was such 
       a delight to be there and to see and chat with these wonderful young people.  Because of health reasons
       I have not been able to serve in the ministry as I would wish, but it sure was great getting to visit with 
       clubbers and leaders for an evening.   I am also  thankful for such dedicated leaders who do such a great
       job helping these young people grow in Christ and training them to serve Him.  

95.   Our daughter, her husband, and children.  We sent off a Valentine package to New York for them 
         today.  We love them all so and miss them all dearly.  It was wonderful chatting on the phone with them
        a couple of days ago, hearing of their new vehicle and new dog.  Thankful that the Lord is blessing them.  

Have a Thankful Day,
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