Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

96.  Warmer afternoons with temps in the 80's and the beautiful desert wild flowers massively in bloom.  

97.  The great blogging community where we can share what's on our hearts.  I am so impressed with how 
        many wonderful homemaking bloggers there are out there...women who actually enjoy being "keepers of 
        their homes."  I am so encouraged and inspired by them.  

98.  Great messages at our church.  This Sunday's Sermon was "Who will you be when you grow up?" from 
       John 13:29-14:9.  I am very thankful for convicting messages that make me want to be more like Jesus.
       I welcome you to listen to the podcast or to download this message at 

99. That I "GET TO" do so many wonderful things in this life.  I have 
      been trying to change my mindset from  "I HAVE TO" (duty, 
      obligation) to "I GET TO" (a privilege and blessing.)  Ex.  Even 
      though I cannot find  a parking space close, I get to exercise more 
      by walking...Even though the checkout lines are long, I get to
      silently pray for the people in front of me, etc.  I want to turn my 
      stressing  into blessing.  May God help me to lead a more 
      passionate, productive, and calmer life.  
100.  All the blessings we have in Christ...
  • being chosen in eternity past
  • being adopted as His child
  • being accepted in Christ
  • being forgiven of my trespasses
  • being sealed with the Holy Spirit
  • being part of a great eternal plan
  • being renewed by His Spirit
  • being a Holy habitation of God
  • being quickened and made alive
  • being helped in my weakness
  • being able to bear fruit 
  • being quicken and made alive
  • being able to have the capacity to know spiritual things
  • being raised to a new sphere of life
  • being able to receive what I ask for in Jesus' name (according to His will)
  • being made an inheritor the the kingdom
  • so, so many more!


Have a Thankful Day,

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