Monday, March 12, 2012

I Will Meet You

Last week I stopped by Paula's Blog, Gradual Transformation and so enjoyed reading her post, "Longing for God - Hindrances and Catalysts."  She shares the activities that increase her affection for God and those activities that deplete her desire for Him.  Paula's blog post so reminded me of this song, "I Will Meet You" by Buried Talents Band.  I often listen to this prior to my devotional time.  This is my first attempt at putting together a video with Windows Live Movie Maker. What a learning experience that was!  Hope you enjoy.

Please turn off playlist at the bottom of this page before playing this.

How important it is to commit to Meet With Him sometime during our day, every day.  So often He gives us exactly what we need for the day either for our own spiritual growth or a word to share with another in need.  God counsel is always timely.  God is the reward of those who diligently seek Him.
What an amazing thought that the God who made the universe will meet us anytime!


Have a God-Filled Day!

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