Friday, December 13, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things Week

This has always been one of my favorite Winter-Christmas decorations. Growing up in wintry, cold Upstate New York, as a young girl, I could hardly wait for the ice to freeze to go ice skating.   Sometimes it would be in our front yard, or to the park down the street, or to the indoor rink at Colgate University when we lived in Oneida. 

It was interesting to find a bit about this old painting (1920) on the web.   Fidus (Hugo Höppener) must have been quite a character! After reading about Fidus, I am sure I will be looking at the lovely little painting with new eyes and a bit of a chuckle! 

Have a Blessed Day,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things Week

I guess that is why they call them, GRANDchildren, because they ARE grand! 
 Such joy they bring to our lives.  How very thankful we are for such beautiful grandchildren. 

We are blessed!

Have a Blessed Day,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things Week

My Favorite Christmas Cookies

Delrich Variety Cookies
2 cups sifted flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/8 tsp. salt
1/2 c. sugar
1 egg, unbeaten
1 tsp. vanilla
1 c. butter or margarine
Sift flour, baking powder, and salt.  Cream margarine and sugar together; add egg and vanilla.  Beat until fluffy.  Gradually stir in sifted dry ingredients until well blended.  Roll small amount of dough 1/8" thick on lightly floured board.  Shape with cookie cutter as wanted.  Bake on ungreased cookie sheet at 350 degrees until edges are lightly brown (8-10 minutes.) 
These were a cookie-making tradition at the Kent house.  From my young girlhood I remember making these cookies every year for Christmas.  We put icing (powdered sugar thinned with water and food coloring to glaze) and topped with sprinkles, etc.  These are my husband's favorite iced cookies!  

Italian Biscuits
3 eggs
3 tbs. oil
2 tbs. butter, melted
2 tsp. vanilla or lemon extract
6 tbs. sugar
2 tsp. (heaping) baking powder
3 c. flour
Hand bet in a bowl eggs, oil, butter until bubbles form, add vanilla; beat again; add sugar and beat about 3 minutes until well blended.  Add the flour and baking powder together and mix until the dough holds together.  You might have to add a little more flour but don't make dough dry.  Shape into round balls.  Place on cookie sheets.  Bake 8-10 minutes at 375 degrees.  Do not brown.  Dip in chocolate (recipe below)  or ice with frosting.  Sprinkle with nonparells. 
Chocolate Coating:
In top of double boiler over medium heat, melt 2 cups of chocolate chips with 1/3 bar paraffin.  Dip biscuits into chocolate and place on wire rack over waxed paper.
Thanks to my sister-n-law, Patti Noecker, for the not-too-sweet biscuit recipe.  They are not sickening sweet with just enough chocolate topping or icing to sweeten them up just a bit.  I love these cookies!  We have such wonderful memories of times spent with Patti and her family.  She is a terrific cook, baker, and hostess! 

Have a Blessed Day,

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things Week


This worn copy has been in my keeping since 1973 costing me a big $1.95.    You can find an updated copy of this on Amazon and to download to Kindle and it is still a great buy!  This book is just hilarious and your children will truly enjoy it! 
Denver Post writes about it:
"The book is outrageous, lively, funny, funny and wonderful....The Christmas story takes on a strangely moving depth of meaning and shines through with new brilliance. "
The Herdmans are absolutely the worst kinds in the history of the world.  They lied and stole and smoked cigars (even the girls) and talked dirty and hit little kids and cussed their teachers and took the name of the Lord in vain.  So it just about surprised everybody when they decided to take part in town's Christmas pageant.  The Herdmans never heard of the Christmas story, but the way they interpreted it, you'd think that the story of Jesus came right out of the F.B.I. files.  (They call the Wise Men a bunch of dirty spies.)  It was a Christmas pageant to remember! 


Had a hard time finding these this year.  I finally found them at Target..2 packages for $5.00. 
I love nougat!  Yumm!   

Have a Blessed Day,

Monday, December 2, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - For the Week of December 2, 2013


Alfredo Turkey Divan
Vegetable Juice Cocktail
Lo-carb Southwestern Ham Roll-ups
Honey Roasted Chicken with Pomegranate Seeds
Green Beans
Mashed Potatoes
Sesame Roll
Tossed Salad

(Friends Birthday Party)
Chicken Enchiladas
Fried Eggs
Lettuce, Sour Cream
  Grilled Steak
Salad Greens with Orange Muscat Champagne Vinaigrette
Fresh Made Rolls

Have a Blessed Day,

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Memories of Thanksgiving 2013

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving Day together with our friends, the Rhodes and the DeKruifs. We are so blessed to have such dear friends.  I tried to get the side dishes pretty much prepared the day before just leaving the ham and turkey, potatoes, and gravy for Thanksgiving Day. 
Our guests brought apple and pumpkin pie, and a beautiful floral centerpiece for the table.  I decided to bring out the china my mother passed along to me.  I can remember this being on our dinner table every holiday as I was growing up.  I have always love it and am so thankful to have it.  This is only the second time we have used these in 10 years of being in Arizona.  We must use it more! 

Yes, and that is my dear husband, getting a start on the dishes.  After packaging up take home bags, our friends graciously pitched in and the kitchen was cleaned up in no time.  

God has blessed us so this past year, and we are truly thankful for His continued goodness to us.  How very thankful we are for our wonderful family and friends, our cozy home, plenteous food and provision, and a dear church family.  

Have a Blessed Day,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - For the week of Nov. 25, 2013


Vegetables Lasagne
Tossed Salad

Red Lentil Chili
Corn Tortillas
Cucumber/Tomato Salad
(Dinner for 6)
Turkey with Dressing
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Squash & Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Potatoes with Caramelized Onions
Pumpkin Pie
Turkey Club Sandwiches
Leftover Cranberry Sauce
Pickles & Chips
 Crockpot Ham and Bean Soup
Tossed Salad
(Anniversary Sunday Dinner at
Heaven's View Baptist Church)

Have a Blessed Day,


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Recipe of the Week - Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Caramelized Onions

           Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Caramelized Onions

½ cup margarine                              
2 lbs. yellow onions, thinly sliced           
4 lbs. sweet potatoes, peeled & cubed   
½ cup milk, lowfat
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1/3 c. sour cream, light            

To caramelize the onions, in a large skillet heat ¼ c. of the margarine.  Add onions and cook, stirring frequently, until golden brown.  Season with salt and pepper.  Remove from heat and set aside.  Cook the potatoes in a large pot, covered in lightly salted boiling water for 12 minutes or until tender; drain.  Add the remaining ¼ c. margarine to the pot and mash until smooth.  Stir in milk and sour cream and salt and pepper to taste.  Stir in caramelized onions, reserving a few to garnish.  Cook and stir over low heat until heated through.  Transfer to serving dish and top with reserved onions. 

Make ahead:  Prepare potatoes through step 3 stirring into caramelized onions, but do not heat through.  Transfer to a 2 ½-3 quart casserole.  Cover and chill up to 24 hours.  Before serving, bake in a 325 oven for 55-60 minutes or until heated through.

This is one of my new favorite Thanksgiving recipes and will be on our table this year.   
Have a Blessed Day,

Friday, November 15, 2013

His Word for My Week - Formula for Success


Who doesn't want to prosper?  We all would like to have the "good things" in life and God does want to bless us with the good things He has created.  So how do we go about receiving those blessings?

  1. Study the Scriptures diligently to the degree that our speech will be filled with His Word.
  2. Meditate on God's Word day and night thinking about it until we truly understand it. 
  3. Obey God's Word by applying it to our lives.  Every problem calls for "a look in the Book" with thoughtful inspection followed by action based on the Truth.
Three steps to success and prosperity God's Way...Study, Meditate, Obey...the result....Blessing!


"Heavenly Father, Forgive me for the times when I have allowed the busyness of life to keep me from time with You in Your Word.  How grateful I am to have your Word available to me.  May I not neglect the wisdom that lies within It.  Lord, You know that I struggle with verse memorization.  I need Your help in being able to commit the Scriptures to memory and to be able to recall them when needed.  Thank You for the times of joy and amazement when You have revealed to me something new in Your Word.  Nothing is more exciting than that!   For the Lamp and the Light that directs my  way in life, I thank You! In Jesus Name and for His sake, Amen."

Have a Blessed Day,

Monday, November 11, 2013

Recipe of the Week - Corn Supper Cakes with Salsa

Corn Supper Cakes with Salsa
Corn Cakes:
1 large egg
2 1/2 c. corn kernels or 10 oz. frozen corn, thawed and drained
1/3 c. diced red bell pepper
1/3 c. soy, rice, or coconut milk
2 tbs. melted butter
1/3 c. rice flour
3 tbs. yellow cornmeal
1 tsp. honey or agave syrup
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
Salt and Pepper to taste (I use salt substitute)
1 avocado, halved pitted, peeled, and cut into small diced
2 large tomatoes cut into medium dice 
2 scallions, sliced thin
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
1/4 c. crumbled feta cheese
1 garlic clove, minced
1 tablespoon lime juice
 Salt and pepper
  • Mix salsa ingredients together and allow to marinate. 
  • In a large bowl, whisk egg until well blended.  Stir in corn, red pepper, milk, and melted butter.  In a small bowl, mix together flour, cornmeal, honey, baking powder, and salt and pepper to taste.  Add to the corn mixture and stir just until dry ingredients are evenly moistened. 
  • Place a 12-14" non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat.  When pan is hot, spoon batter into pan in 3-tbs. portions, spacing them about 3" apart.  Use the back of the spoon to gently spread each portion out into a 3" circle.
  • Cook cakes until tops look dry and bottoms are lightly browned, 1 to 2 minutes.  Turn cakes over with a wide spatula and continue to cook until lightly browned on other side, about 1 more minute.  Transfer to warming tray.  Repeat to cook remaining batter.
  • Serve cakes topped with salsa and garnish with cilantro sprigs and lime wedges.
Serve with Jicama Sticks and Melon Wedges drizzled with Lime Juice and Honey. 
Have a Yummy Day,

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

His Word for My Week - "Good Things"


"O taste and see that the Lord is good:  blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.  O fear the Lord ye His saints: for there is no want to them that fear Him.  The young lions do not lack and suffer hunger:  but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing."  Psalm 34:8-10

I think that when I consider what I might call a good thing might be something that would make me happy.  You know, the, "If only I had this or that, then I would be very happy and content."  But I am sure that God's idea of meeting my needs would be things that fit into His individualized purpose and plan for my life.   His provision for me might be clothes, homes, food, family, friends, good health, talent, giftedness, and opportunity.  But also He might allow me to be out of my comfort zone for a bit so that I might learn to become more dependent on Him and less self sufficient.  Trouble and need can be valuable teachers that draw me closer to the Lord and help me to realize that "He is the Good Thing!."   The more I have of Him the less the need is for anything else. 
"O, Lord, giver of good gifts, thank You for all your good gifts given to me and my family.   My heart is overflowing with gratitude.  May I come to You seeking You rather than the treasures You provide.  Lord, all I want and need is more of YOU!  In Jesus Precious Name, Amen
Have a Blessed Day,

Monday, October 28, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - For the Week of October 28, 2013

Phoenix Shopping Day
 Soup and Salad at Olive Garden

Salisbury Steak
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
 Chicken Parmesan
Tossed Salad
Italian Ice

Harvest Festival
 & Chili Cook Off
Theme:  Everyday Heroes
at Heaven's View Baptist Church
Arizona City, AZ
Bring Cupcakes &  Broccoli Salad 
Grilled Shrimp Skewers
Herb Buttered Rice
Steamed Broccoli
Sweet Potato Gnocchi
in Butter & Sage Sauce
Green Beans with Almonds
Cranberry Sauce

Sour Cream/Guacamole
Refried Beans
Mexican Rice

Joining Menu Plan Monday at I'm An Organinzing Junkie
Marvelous Mondays at This Gal Cooks
Menu Monday at This Flourishing Life


Have a Blessed Day,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday for October 21, 2013

Turkey Pot Pie (from leftover turkey)
Tossed Salad  with
Orange Muscat Champagne Vinaigrette
Smoked Pork Chops
Baked Potatoes
Tossed Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
Hot Rolls
 Creamed Tuna & Eggs in Toast Cups
Tomato Aspic
(Neighborhood Wiener Roast) 
 Bring Potato Salad

Chicken Leek Soup
24-Hour Salad
Apple Crisp with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Eat Out with Church Family
 Joining Menu Plan Monday at I'm An Organinzing Junkie
Marvelous Mondays at This Gal Cooks
Menu Monday at This Flourishing Life
Have a Blessed Day,

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