Friday, July 26, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday - Thrift Shopping

Lutheran Thrift Shop:
Au Jus Cups .50
Mandolin Slicer $1.50 
 (Almost bought one at Marshall's this week for $10.00)
St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Shop:
Antique Creamers 2 for $4.00
Cream Lamp Shade:  $2.00
Goodwill: (Senior Discount 25%)
4 Fall Embroidered Napkins $1.50 
Mesa Thrift: (Senior Discount 25%)
 Queen Sized Quilt $12.00 
Fall Checked Napkins $3.20 for 8 
Red Checked Napkins $1.50 for 4
10 yards of Buttercream Chevron Cranston Print for $2.40
(Yes, that would be $.24 per yard)
Rick bought pair of shoes $2.40

Total purchases:  $31.00

DIY Hint:  Using two, napkins make wonderful throw pillow covers.

Two of our Favorite Thrift Shops:

            Mesa Thrift Store               Lutheran Thrift Shop

  Have a Fabulous Day,

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