Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New York Goodies!

Yummies from New York!   So glad we decided to drive cross country to New York this year as it enabled us to bring back a good amount of our favorite NY grocery items.

  • Grandma Brown Home Baked Beans (4 small can, 2 medium can, and 1 large)-I add a little yellow mustard and brown sugar and top with bacon slices.  Rick loves these with Hoffman Franks (which we cannot get in AZ) and vinegar.  I did make a batch while we were there.
  • State Fair Chicken and Spiedie Sauce-so good to marinate chicken and beef!
  • From the Amish Country Store in Vernon, NY Jake & Amos's Red Pepper Relish and Mrs. Miller's No Sugar Raspberry Jam, and gummy candy which was eaten on our trek back to AZ.  
  • From our friend, Kim, canned goodies from her country kitchen-Sweet pickles, relish, and strawberry jam!  Wonderful gifts.  We also appreciate their treating us to lunch after Sunday Service and a fun visit to their Ava farm.  
  • Thanks to our friend, Marge, for Cherry Gummies from the Amish Country Store (eaten while there in NY)  and handmade kitchen scrubbies.  I just love the scrubbies made from nylon netting and so doesn't Rick.  He thinks they are great for scrubbing car tires.  
Yes, these are a few of our favorite things from New York.  Oh, forgot to mention real Italian sweet sausage served with peppers and onions.  Wished we could buy that here in AZ!  

Have a Yummy Day,

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