Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sean Michael's "Membery Book" Scrapbook Pages

It was so much fun watching Sean Michael at Pre-school.  He relates so well to his classmates and truly enjoys his friendship.  Every new person he meets is his new best friend.  He quickly connected dot to dot counting to 50.  He can count to 100 and colors within the lines. He is a very diligent worker and strives to do the very best he can.   He loves learning!  

Sean Michael was quick to introduce us to his teacher, Miss Mindy.  She stopped in to say
Happy Birthday to Sean Michael at his birthday party.   He really loves her and will miss being with her when he attends kindergarden this fall.  His mom tells us that she was an excellent teacher!

I have been striving to get these scrapbooking pages done within a reasonable time after taking the pictures.  Sean Michael was eager to get his "Membery Book" out to review all the pages that I have done previously back even to his birth.   I was delighted that he loved reviewing and sharing his thoughts about each page.  I have seen first hand that he appreciates the time Grandma spends putting these together for him.  

Have a Blessed Day,

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